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First Glance Teeth Whitening Pre and Post Care





Pre Teeth Whitening Treatment Care

On the day of your Teeth Whitening appointment brush and floss lightly prior to your appointment to ensure a clean slate. Please feel free to eat and drink right up to your  appointment time. 

Post Teeth Whitening Treatment Care

You will not be able to eat or drink anything for the two hours following your Teeth Whitening Treatment with the exception of water. You will want to drink a lot of water during the two hours following your treatment as that will help rehydrate the mouht and enable the pores in the teeth to close up quicker.

It is recommended that you stick with an all-white or light food and drink diet for 16 hours following your treatment.



You will want to avoid brushing during the 16 hours following your Teeth Whitening Treatment; however, if brushing is necessary, you will want to use an all-white toothpaste to prevent any premature discoloration. 


Once returning to your regular eating and drinking habits, normal staining patterns will resume, so it is suggested that some type of home maintenance regimen is consider. Please ask about the Home Maintenance Products offered at First Glance.

It is important that the following steps are followed before and after your treatment to maximize the longevity of your new bright white smile.
*Ask about adding our Tooth Sealant to your Treatment Plan to eliminate Post Care restrictions. 

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