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All-Natural Professional  Teeth Whitening Services in Bend, Oregon

At First Glance Teeth Whitening we use the most modern, efficient, and cost effective methods of teeth whitening available, without having to visit a dentist.

Our Teeth Whitening Treatment process provides a risk free way of removing deep rooted stains from teeth without any unwanted side effects. Unlike bleaching, at First Glance Teeth Whitening, we use an organic, all-natural plant and mineral based gel that reacts with a filtered Blue LED lamp (rather than a harmful laser light), which opens thousands of tiny pores found on the surface of the teeth. Once the pores are opened, the gel gently lifts years of staining from all layers of the tooth while conditioning the tooth at the same time. 

The visit includes three, twenty-minute sessions under the lamp, with a fresh coating of gel, and vitamin-e oil for gum and lip hydration, between each session. This allows the Teeth Whitening Gel to cut through the layers of built-up staining. We can guarantee that your teeth will lift AT LEAST 8-12 shades by the end of your first session!

Teeth Whitening Treatments


Includes (3) 20 minute Teeth Whitening Treatments, completed in 1 visit. Achieve up to 12-15 shades whiter. *Includes Post Treatment Restrictions.

*To review the Post Treatment Restrictions, click here! 


Includes (3) 20 minute Teeth Whitening Treatments with Shield & Shimmer Tooth Sealant, completed in 1 visit. Achieve up to 12-15 shades whiter.

*No Post Treatment Restrictions.


Includes (3) 20 minute Teeth Whitening Treatments with Shield & Shimmer Tooth Sealant, completed in 1 visit. Home Care Kit, Professional Whitening Pen, and Professional Whitening Toothpaste. 

*No Post Treatment Restrictions


Home Care 


Keep your smile white and bright in the comfort of your own home with routine Teeth Whitening Treatments. A 12-month supply of Teeth Whitening gel, MINI BLUE LED LIGHT, moldable Teeth Whitening trays, and tray case.


On-The-Go Preventative Teeth Whitening Treatment. A convenient brush on application, without rinse. Helps maintain and instantly brighten teeth. Designed to prevent and remove film from teeth left behind by food, beverage, and tobacco products before settling in and causing staining. 


Brightens and whitens teeth while improving oral health. No harsh abrasives mean a healthier enamel, and the inclusion of fluoride, calcium, and phosphates help build additional strength while protecting against cavities.

Special Discounted Teeth Whitening Options


5% off Teeth Whitening Treatment package of choice. Can choose different packages. 


15% off Teeth Whitening Treatment package of choice. Must show ID at time of service.


10% off Teeth Whitening Treatment package of choice. Must be "Full Time" & show Student ID.


Customized Teeth Whitening package to fit your wedding party. Ask for a quote!


Teeth Whitening treatments at package prices tailored to your needs. Ask for a quote!

*Must mention when booking appointment.

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Located on the east side of Bend, Oregon, First Glance Teeth Whitening – owned and operated by Lisa Lindgren – offers a spa-like atmosphere for a relaxed Teeth Whitening experience. We have clients coming from Sisters, Redmond, Prineville, La Pine, and Sunriver, for Teeth Whitening Treatments – sometimes even from the Portland area!

The Teeth Whitening Process


The Teeth Whitening procedure consists of 3-4 very simple steps. First, a cheek retractor is placed in the mouth. Second, the gum line along the teeth are coated using a vitamin-e oil swab or if added, Gingival (gum) Barrier for hydration. Third, using a brush on gel applicator, the photosensitive whitening gel is brushed onto the outer surfaces of the teeth and an LED Blue lamp is positioned to the mouth for (3) 20 minute increments. Fourth, an optional addition, using a brush on gel applicator, the Shield and Shimmer Tooth Sealant is brushed onto the outer surfaces of the teeth for 5 minutes allowing you to return to normal eating and drinking desires immediately following.

This means the gel is only applied to the teeth and not to the gums, which avoids tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. The Teeth Whitening gel utilizes a peroxide-based chemistry, specifically called Hydrogen Peroxide. The Teeth Whitening gel is 17% Hydrogen Peroxide in a viscous water-based food-grade level gel. This means that the whitening gel conditions the teeth throughout the Whitening procedure. Conditioning of the teeth is very important because that is what prevents sensitivity and discomfort.

For Sale at First Glance - DaVinci Teeth Whitening Home Maintanance Products
Product Image.png

Shield & Shimmer - Tooth Sealant


Designed and manufactured as a dual purpose tooth sealant and sparkle. Bye Bye *post care restrictions! This can also be used as a tool to seal teeth prior to eating/drinking items with color that could cause staining in every day life.

All About the Teeth Whitening Products

Proprietary Teeth Whitening Gel - Made in  the USA


The proprietary Teeth Whitening Gels used at First Glance Teeth Whitening are strong enough to deliver the results you want, yet gentle enough to provide a non-invasive, pleasurable Teeth Whitening experience. This Teeth Whitening Gel uses only the highest quality USA Organic, Plant and Mineral based Ingredients. The Active Ingredient in our Gel is a Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and contains three key Minerals to Stabilize and Strengthen the Tooth Enamel.


The Teeth Whitening Gel has been proven to Whiten as well or better than other dental whiteners, and without the level of sensitivity and side effects that other whiteners can deliver. Our Teeth Whitening Gels are made fresh each week because we believe our clients deserve the freshest product possible.

Teeth Whitening and Home Maintenance Products


These Teeth Whitening products make Whitening easy. The Teeth Whitening

and Home Maintenance products are effective and easy to use and great for

maintaining a beautiful white smile. The Teeth Whitening products are safe for all teeth and all existing dental work. 

Blue LED Whitening Lamp


The LED Blue Whitening Lamp used is the most powerful and effective lamp made made specifically for teeth whitening. The whitening lamp is FDA compliant under Section 510(k) and fall under the Class 1 category. The light is used by both dental and non-dental professionals. Lower powered output lights available on the market will actually result in a slower acceleration of the whitening gel.

Teeth Whitening Pre and Post Care

Pre Teeth Whitening Treatment Care

On the day of your Teeth Whitening appointment brush and floss lightly prior to your appointment to ensure a clean slate. Please feel free to eat and drink right up to your  appointment time. 

Post Teeth Whitening Treatment Care

(Post Care can be negated choosing a Treatment option utilizing the Shield & Shimmer Tooth Sealant.)

You will not be able to eat or drink anything for the two hours following your Teeth Whitening Treatment with the exception of water. You will want to drink a lot of water during the two hours following your treatment as that will help rehydrate the mouht and enable the pores in the teeth to close up quicker.

It is recommended that you stick with an all-white or light food and drink diet for 16 hours following your treatment.




You will want to avoid brushing during the 16 hours following your Teeth Whitening Treatment; however, if brushing is necessary, you will want to use an all-white toothpaste to prevent any premature discoloration. 


Once returning to your regular eating and drinking habits, normal staining patterns will resume, so it is always suggested that some form of a home maintenance regimen is consider. Please ask about the Home Care/Maintenance Products offered at First Glance Teeth Whitening.

It is important that the following steps are followed before and after your treatment at 

First Glance Teeth Whitening to maximize the longevity of your new bright white smile.

First Glance Teeth Whitening   Frequently Asked Questions


First Glance Teeth Whitening is proud to offer All-Natural, Dental Grade, Professional Teeth Whitening Solutions and Treatments in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Situated in a relaxing spa atmosphere the Full Teeth Whitening Treatment takes just over an hour. Teeth Whitening has never been healthier, so convenient or more affordable until now! 

Schedule your Teeth Whitening Appointment Today and walk away with a beautiful, white smile you may not have believed you could achieve. 


Discover a healthier shade of you!


What sets First Glance Teeth Whitening apart from other Professional Whitening Services?


Priority and Product!

Teeth Whitening is often offered and treated as an "add-on" service whether in a full service spa environment or a dentist office. The product is applied and the provider/technician leaves the room. 

At First Glance, Teeth Whitening is the main focus when a Client is in my care. I am in the room for the entire treatment time; attentive and available to adjust the whitening lamp and check on comfort level througout, to ensure a great experience and amazing lasting results!

The product used is made in the USA and is organic, gluten free, all-natural; plant and mineral based, with a food grade level hydrogen peroxide and the whitening lamp is not a laser, rather a Blue LED Lamp. This means that between the two, no harm is done to your teeth or gums and in fact it's conditioning and enamel building with plants such as aloe vera.

It is extremely important to me that each client leaves excited and content with the service received. You get what you pay for at First Glance Teeth Whitening.


Is Teeth Whitening for everyone?


Studies have shown that people with whiter teeth look younger and that there is a correlation between high self-esteem and a bright, confident smile.

The Teeth Whitening System at First Glance provides dramatic results for anyone who wants to whiten their teeth. This includes people with teeth that have been stained by substances such as coffee, tea, soda, smoking, etc. It will also lighten teeth stained by tetracycline, speckled by fluoride, or hereditary discoloration. 



How white will my teeth get?


After whitening with the Teeth Whitening System at First Glance, teeth shades brighten an average of 8 to 15 shades on a Teeth Shade Chart. Although individual results will depend on how discolored the teeth were originally, the end result will be brighter, shiny white teeth.  Everyone’s teeth are different and everyone’s teeth have a genetic stopping point. A guaranteed end result [range] will be discussed prior to starting the treatment so results meet expectations.


How long will the whitening last?


This varies from person to person and depends on your diet and lifestyle; however, the effects usually last for one to three years with proper maintenance. Periodic touch-up treatments are recommended for customers who frequently consume products such as coffee, dark soda, tea, red wine, dark protein shakes, berries, juice regularly, tomato sauce, condiments or other staining products such as tobacco, medications, etc.


Is this Teeth Whitening safe?


Yes, the Teeth Whitening products are made in USA laboratories and are FDA compliant.  Scientific research has shown that the active ingredients in the Teeth Whitening Products used at First Glance are safe and effective for cosmetic Teeth Whitening. The Teeth Whitening Product does not change or damage the structure of the teeth; it merely lifts and removes the stains from all layers, making your teeth brighter.


How long does a Full Teeth Whitening Treatment    take?


The Full Teeth Whitening Treatment consists of (3) 20 minute sessions back to back. Start to finish a it will take just a little over an hour.  It takes no longer than the time it would for you to have a haircut or a facial - it is that simple!



Will the Teeth Whitening Treatment    hurt or cause great discomfort?


Most Clients experience no sensitivity during or after the Teeth Whitening Treatment. A very small percentage of Clients may feel some sensitivity on the teeth or soft tissues, especially if they consume very cold or hot water within two hours after the treatment. Therefore it is recommended that clients avoid consuming extremely hot or cold water for the first two hours following the treatment.  Any sensitivity is usually gone within 16 hours.


Will the Teeth Whitening Treatment work on crowns, fillings, veneers, and bridges
(composite materials)?


The Teeth Whitening Treatment will remove staining from composite materials but will not whiten the composite materials beyond the original color of the material used.  The Teeth Whitening Treatment works well if your natural teeth are darker than the composite materials original color. The Teeth Whitening Treatment will not damage or hurt the composite material.

Teeth Whitening Before & Afters


First Glance Teeth Whitening offers affordable, quick and convenient Professional Teeth Whitening Solutions that brighten smiles by 8-15 shades using 100% all-natural products without bleaching.

Below are just a few examples of the results you can expect with First Glance Teeth Whitening.

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