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Teeth Whitening Gel


The proprietary Teeth Whitening Gels used at First Glance Teeth Whitening

are strong enough to deliver the results you want, yet gentle enough to provide a non-invasive, pleasurable Teeth Whitening experience. This Teeth Whitening Gel uses only the highest quality USA Organic, Plant and Mineral based Ingredients. The Active Ingredient in our Gel is a Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and contains three key Minerals to Stabilize and Strengthen the

Tooth Enamel.


The Teeth Whitening Product has been proven to Whiten as well or better than other dental whiteners, but without the level of sensitivity and side effects that other whiteners can deliver. Our Teeth Whitening Gels are made fresh each week because we believe our clients deserve the freshest product possible.



Teeth Whitening and Home Maintenance Products


These Teeth Whitening products make Whitening easy. The Teeth Whitening

and Home Maintenance products are effective and easy to use and great for maintaining a beautiful white smile. The Teeth Whitening products are safe for 

all teeth and all existing dental work. 

For Sale at First Glance - DaVinci Teeth Whitening Home Maintanance Products

Blue LED Whitening Light


The LED blue laser light used is the most powerful and effective light made specifically for teeth whitening. The laser whitening light is FDA compliant under Section 510(k) and fall under the Class 1 category. The light is used by both dental and non-dental professionals. Lower power output lights will result in slower acceleration of the whitening gel.

Shield & Shimmer - Tooth Sealant


Designed and manufactured as a dual purpose tooth sealant and sparkle. Bye Bye *post care restrictions! This can also be used as a tool to seal teeth prior to eating/drinking items with color that could cause staining in every day life.

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