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About First Glance Teeth Whitening in Bend, Oregon

First Glance offers Teeth Whitening in a relaxing atmosphere in a cosmetic setting.

At First Glance Teeth Whitening we use the most modern, efficient, and cost-effective methods of Professional Teeth Whitening available, without having to visit a Dentist's office. Offering Organic, All-Natural Teeth Whitening Solutions, and Home Care Products.

Aiming to provide excellent results while creating a warm, comfortable, welcoming atmosphere with a great deal of compassion and care.


Conveniently located in Bend, Oregon. Right in the center of all of the fun! 

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Lisa Lindgren

As the owner and operator of First Glance Teeth Whitening in Bend, Oregon, I am eager to meet every client. My passion, enthusiasm, and immense desire to help others feel better about themselves is not only extremely rewarding but a priority.

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